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Why You Should Write Everyday

Why You Should Write Everyday

Everything we want to do in life requires practice. From working a cash register to throwing a perfect pass, if you want to do something well you need to do it a lot. The same thing goes for writers. Writing is incredibly difficult, and to do it well is even harder.

You have to be aware of all the rules of spelling and grammar to start. You have to have a prodigious collection of words in your vocabulary. You have to know how to put all these correctly spelled and organized words together into sentences and paragraphs that actually make sense to people who are reading them.

That’s not easy. It’s really hard, and it takes practice.

Get it? The Write Practice? Lulz.

Get it? The Write Practice? Lulz. Seriously though, it’s great.

Many people seem to have this idea that they’re just going to get inspired one day and write the next Great American Novel. But they are sadly mistaken. Writing, like everything else, is something you have to practice. Practice means slogging through all the terrible stuff that you write in the beginning, editing the crap out of it, and then doing it all over again. You have to sit down and bleed.

Why You Should Write Everyday

Over the past two weeks I’ve committed to writing every single day, and it’s hard. I either write a blog, write a short story, write a poem, but I have to write something. Most of it is…pretty awful. But I’m getting better, and I’m surprised that sometimes I write something that takes on a life of its own and becomes something really cool.

So if you want to be a good writer get over to your paper or computer screen and start writing. Don’t wait for inspiration, just get up and get to work.

Well? What are you waiting for? Go do something!

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