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The Leaking Brain

Another sci-fi scene. Enjoy and have a great day!

The Leaking Brain

Xris unlocked the front door and plugged in the “Open” sign. He limped back behind the bar, his shoddy cybernetic leg dragging at half the speed it should have been. He was going to have to take himself in for a check up. Maybe he picked up a bit of malware in the last packet download, or those cheap Korean servos were finally giving out.

The Leaking Brain had been his place since he bought it with his military retirement package ten years ago. It was dirty, rundown, and generally had customers that were the same way, but it was his.

He stood behind the bar polishing the plasisteel glasses and watching the usual customers drift in. Most of his customers were retirees from the military, construction, and the manufacturing districts. Not a lot of money to be had but enough to keep him in business with a little on the side. They were loyal to him with the few credits they had, so he made sure to take care of them with honest prices and no watered down booze. It was a living.

Then an old familiar face walked in and he just knew his day was about to get worse.

Colonel Jax was a tall, gaunt, and severe looking man. He had aged a lot in the last decade. The Colonel’s dark skin was grey and hung loose on him, like a jacket a size to big. His uniform was as crisp and clean as always but his were tired and haunted.

Xris turned and poured the Colonel a mug of Armedian black and set it down on the bar in front of him. He also took hold of the swivel gun underneath the bar and pointed it at the Colonel. Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you.

Jax strode over to the bar and took a seat, drinking deeply of the Armedian before speaking. “We need your help Xris” he said. Xris stared at him blankly while he opened a folder. “This is Gaius Galactus, dictator of a small planet in the Armedian system. He has something we need, and we want you to get it for us.”

Xris continued to stare at Jax, not even blinking. “We want you to get a team together, go in under BlackOps protocol, recover the object, and give it to us. Your team will be paid a million credits each, and you’ll be paid five million.”

At this Xris swallowed, five million credits would buy him a lot of renovations for the bar, maybe even set him up for life. Provided he lived long enough to collect it.

“Xris, many lives depend on this mission. There’s no one else I can trust to do it, please.” Xris looked into the Colonel’s eyes and saw something he had never seen there before. Fear.

Xris closed the file and took his hand off the swivel gun under the counter and said, “It was about time I took a vacation anyway. Let me round everyone up and I’ll meet you at StarFox’s Moon in three days.”

Relief washed over the Colonel’s face as he stood up, “Thank you Xris, three day then.” And he turned and left the bar.

Xris drank the rest of the Armedian in the mug and proceeded to wash it out. He’d call Kimmy in a few minutes to have her look after the bar until he came back and call his lawyer to update his will in case he didn’t. If the military wanted the old dogs of war back there must be real trouble. When he and his team left it was on bad terms and he was lucky not to end up in prison.

He was looking forward to rubbing his wrinkled ass in a few choice people’s faces.

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