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Teaching Makes You Better

There’s an old saying ‘Those who cannot do, teach.’ I think this is a stupid saying and needs to be struck from our vocabulary. As far as I’m concerned, if you don’t know something and know it well, you can’t teach it.

I’m a teacher. I don’t hold a position in a school or have a degree in it. But I teach as often as I can. I teach people how to be better storytellers and bloggers. I teach people how to fix minor problems with their cars. I teach people whatever I have to give them. When I teach them I’m imparting something I have to make their lives better. But it doesn’t just help them.

It helps me too.

When I’m teaching someone I learn just as much as they do. I get to go deeper into my knowledge and refine the rough edges when I’m showing it to someone else. Many times they point out things that I didn’t even realize were incorrect. If I just sit with my own knowledge and never try to teach it won’t grow as fast.

Practice is important, I write every single day to improve my craft. But my skill grow exponentially faster when I’m teaching someone else. I can ‘do’ just fine, but I’ll certainly get better the more I teach others. What’s even better is that someday my students will be peers, and then they’ll probably teach me a few things.

If you want to grow in your given craft or profession, try teaching it to someone else. Not only will you be empowering someone else to become your peer, you’ll get better at what you love to do. So if someone comes to you today and asks you to teach them make time for them. Pour your gifts into someone and you’ll be surprised how much better you’ll become.

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