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Stop Making Excuses and Do Something

Stop Making Excuses and Do Something

As I sit here writing this blog post I feel like crap. My nose is running laps around the house and leaving me to clean up the mess. My mouth feels dryer than the Kalahari desert and I can’t stop coughing. It feels like someone shoved a baseball into my skull while I was asleep and my body can’t decide whether I’m freezing cold or dying in a fire. Despite all of this I know my writing mentor would probably say “Stop making excuses and do something.”

What’s Your Excuse?


I’m good at making excuses and I’m good at feeling sorry for myself. By I don’t want to be a professional whiner, I want to be a professional writer. Whining won’t get me there, and I can make all the excuses I want but unless all my fingers fall off or I go blind nothing is really keeping me from writing. I mean who’s going to try to write with no vision or no hands to write the story down. Unless your Christy Brown, writer of the book that inspired the Academy Award winning film “My Left Foot”. Brown had severe cerebral palsy and the only part of his body he had any control over was his left foot,with which he used to write and paint.

Shoot, Helen Keller became blind and deaf when she was only nineteen months old and she didn’t let that hold her back. After her mentor helped to raise her and teach her how to communicate in spite of her ailments Helen Keller became a prolific author, political activist, and lecturer.

There are stories like this all throughout the world. People overcoming their disabilities to achieve their dreams. Craig Dietz swam across the Chesapeake Bay with no arms or legs. Beethoven was a world renowned composer despite being deaf the last twenty-five years of his life. John Nash had crippling schizophrenia and revolutionized mathematical theory and was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences. Stephen Hawking has a motor neuron disease and is almost completely paralyzed, he is also a prominent and widely regarded expert in the field of theoretical physics. They’ve all accomplished dreams despite the circumstances they’ve been put through.

My Excuses Are Crap


I can think of a lot of reasons why I can’t be a writer. I dropped out of college and have almost no education in the technical part of writing. I have little to no connections in the writing realm, or any other realm for that matter. I have hardly any presence in the world. I don’t have very many people following me. I don’t know where to even begin writing as a career.

While all of this is completely true, it’s also all complete crap.

I have no formal education, so what? I can always take classes and learn no matter how old I am.

I have no connections in the writing world. Truth, but I can fix that by putting myself out there and developing new relationships and deepening the ones that I already have.

I have no presence in the world. Maybe on the grand scale, sure. But I have a lot of friends and associates who support what I’m doing and believe in me. There’s no better place to start.

I could keep going through all my excuses, and all of yours, but in the end all the excuses in the world aren’t really enough to stop you if you really want something.

Action Expresses Priorities


The things that you spend time on show the world what you really care about. You might say that you love writing more than anything. Or that painting is your heart’s desire. Or maybe dancing, architecture, music, fashion design, you pick your passion.

But if I don’t know anything about you and I spend a week watching you live your life, would the way you live your life show me what your passion is?

If I tell you my passion is writing but I spend all my time watching television and playing video game then what are my actions telling you that my passions really are? If you tell me your passion is music but you haven’y picked up your guitar in three months, then what does that tell me?

If someone asks me how my writing has been going and I make excuses about not really having enough time to write, but I know all the latest juicy stories from whatever reality show is currently popular my priorities are obviously skewed.

You make time for something you care about.

I’ve seen musicians playing guitar despite the blisters on their finger, just trying to get that one song to sound perfect.

I’ve seen artists chained to their canvases, blending colors over and over again so instead of showing how the sunset looked to the viewer they could make them feel how the sunset is the painting.

I’ve seen writers sitting as their desks, pounding away at their keyboards, and drinking heart fibrillating amounts of coffee struggling to get that perfect turn of phrase or to truly express pain in a situation using only their words.

People of Passion


Everyone has passions in life. I have a passion for writer. My friend has a passion for music. My sister has a passion for having her own business. If you look at our lives our actions will show you what our passions are. If you look at my friend’s work space you’ll see his music degree, song lyrics, and musical instruments. Go into my sister’s basement and you’d see a dozen different money making projects that she’s working on, as well as business plans to go with each one. If you look at my room you’ll find papers with edits that need to be made, notebooks with ideas for new projects, and dozens of books written by authors I want to emulate.

We put every bit of time and energy into these things that we can because they make us come alive. We are driven to do these things and they are very much a part of us.

We are people of passion, and so are you.

So stop making excuses. Yes, it’s risky to follow your passions. You may fail and fall flat on your face, but that happens to everyone. Just pick yourself up and get back into the fight. It’s never going to be easy, it’ll be a struggle every step of the way. But we are rarely passionate about something that’s easy to do. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.

Nothing can stop you if you truly have the desire to do something. So stand up and do it. Don’t pay attention to the people that say you can’t. They’ve already given up, don’t let them bring you down with them.

So tell me what passion your passion is, leave a comment below. Are you a writer? Musician? Scientist? What do you love? Call it out to the world. Make it real. Take ownership of it.

Stop making excuses and do something.

What’s your passion? Are you a writer? A musician? A scientist? What is it that makes you come alive and what excuses are you not going to make anymore?

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I grew living on an island in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. Currently, I live in a 40 acre farm in Cookville, TX. I sometime write about life issues, but my passion is sci-fi and fantasy storytelling.

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  1. Thanks a lot for the article.Really looking forward to read more. Awesome.

  2. Margaret

    Love this article and soooo needed to see and read it! I am passionate about being a writer and KNOW i must write a book but if you were to watch my life for a week you wouldn’t see it. TRUTH! YOUR words have kicked my butt with conviction ! I will print, with your permission, and hang it up where I can see it everyday for the motivation I so desperately need! Thank you!!!!!!!:mrgreen:

    1. Thanks for the support Margaret! You are more than welcome to print it out for motivation. 👍

  3. margaret

    fyi… I grew up on the Chesapeake as well and currently reside on the Eastern Shore!

    1. Hey, that’s awesome! Maybe when I get back from China we can meet up?

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