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Single For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day. It means many things to many people. It can be a day of romance with your significant other, a day to lament your singleness, a day to wish you were single again, a day to you’re happily single…

…or just another day.

Single For Valentine's Day

I’ve been in relationships during Valentine’s Day and felt the pressure to make the day special. Sometimes, I really wanted to make the day special, it gave me an excuse to do something cool. Other times, usually when I was broke, I thought it was garbage that I was basically being forced by a societal and cultural pressure to do something special. Personally, I don’t think you should need an excuse to do something special for the person you care about, nor do I think you should feel forced to do something because it’s “Valentine’s Day”.

You don’t know my life, stop telling me what to do. Don’t make me get the duct tape.

I warned you...

I warned you…

If you’re single on Valentine’s Day it can be uncomfortable. Last year I went to the movies by myself on Valentine’s Day. It was…a little uncomfortable. I was surrounded by couple’s, some of them even commenting on me being there by myself. Which I found irritating, but I wasn’t going to leave just because I was uncomfortable.

I went to see Paddington Bear. Loved it.

I went to see Paddington Bear. Loved it.

Then there are the singles who hate Valentine’s Day. They rant and rave about how stupid it is, go into the history of the day and how it’s been corrupted, and are generally a little too aggressive to be around during the holiday.

Single For Valentine's Day

Listen, if you’re single this Valentine’s Day don’t worry about it. It’s really just another day. Single doesn’t have to mean unloved, half-complete, or lonely. I can almost guarantee you’re awesome. If you’re reading my blog right now you’re especially awesome. If you see me on the street I’ll give you a hug or a high five, your choice.

Single For Valentine's Day

Don’t let a day define you, and don’t let it affect your sense of self worth. You’re awesome, go out and do awesome things. Write a story, learn a piece of music, go hiking, hang out with friends, go rafting. Just do something. Live your life and don’t let other people’s opinions define you. Below is a Youtube video called “How To Be Alone” that I think is pretty cool.

Have a great Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re single or in a relationship go out and do something cool. Not because it’s Valetine’s Day, just do it because you’re so awesome that you make ripples of awesomeness wherever you go. Go stir things up.

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  1. Hi Luke, I prefer to call it “Happy Single Awareness Day.” You’re right! Don’t allow yourself to be defined by relationship status or whatever the society imposes upon us.

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