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Quit Lying To Yourself

Stop Lying to Yourself

Stop Lying to Yourself

There are a lot of things that go through our heads everyday: schedules, lists, goals, and especially lies. Lies hold us back from a lot of things, but they especially hold us back from our dreams. How many times has a lie hindered you from pursuing something you wanted? We need to shut up and take out the kingpin liar in all our lives.  I’m talking about the liar that lives in your head. I’m here to tell you to quit lying to yourself.


The Lies We Rehearse

I can’t lose all that weight.

There’s no way I can write a book.

No one likes my art.

We need to remove phrases like this from our vocabulary. How often do similar thoughts roll through our heads over and over again? We hear this lying voice so often that when we actually go and try to accomplish something, and encounter any sort of trouble we point and say, “I told you so”. The more we tell ourselves things like this, the more likely it is that they will come true. We fill our own heads with lies and then give into them with no resistance.

Self Sabotage

Another problem that I frequently see in people striving to do something is self sabotage. We have a desire, a passion, or a goal that we want to achieve. And we get so excited and wrapped up in the end result that we set the bar ridiculously high, and ultimately unachievable.

I want to write a complete book in one month. (And have it be sellable)

I want to lose 40 pounds before summer. (It’s already March)

I want to sell three paintings this month. (But haven’t painted anything)

I’m not going to say these things are impossible, that’s not the point. But when you set your goals that far up a single misstep can slam you to a stop and crush your motivation.


Nothing Wrong with Baby Steps

We get so results obsessed sometimes that we forget that progress takes a process. When we’re first learning how to walk as a baby our first major accomplishment is standing up on our own, and that’s a big deal. Every time we walk and get a few steps farther than before we are applauded and it’s great.

So how do we really view the process?

If you want to write a book? That’s phenomenal, start by writing a proposal and an outline. Take all week to do this, it’s important.

You want to sell your artwork? Awesome, paint something and show it to people to see how well it’s received.

You want to lose 40 pounds? Congratulations, start by walking ten minutes a day and work up from there. If your really out of shape you don’t want to do too much too fast.

The process is all about starting small and working your way up. Each step is a victory we can celebrate and use to motivate us farther and farther.

Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself

Guess what? At some point in time you’re going to make a mistake.

You might miss a workout, write a terrible paragraph filled with grammatical and spelling errors, or smudge paint on your masterpiece. But it’s OK. We all make mistakes, it’s bound to happen. But you can’t get yourself down about it. Think about all the victories you’ve had up to this point and instead of being depressed about the mistakes of today look forward to the journey of tomorrow.

It can be easier to be our own worst enemy. Our inner critic can help perfect our skills and make us better, but he can also trample all over our confidence and paralyze us with criticism. Don’t let constructive criticism become lies telling you that you can’t do it.



It’s never easy to accomplish some of the loftier goals that we set for ourselves. But when you take a step back and break the big picture into small and easy digestible parts it can become a lot easier to handle.

Ignore negative thoughts, take baby steps, and don’t be hard on yourself. You can do anything you put your mind too as long as you have the right attitude and the proper tools.

So what’re some goals that you have for yourself that you’ve had a hard time accomplishing? How have you accidentally sabotaged yourself? What are you going to do to remedy the situation? Let me know in the comments below and remember to silence the liar inside.

About Luke Geldmacher

I grew living on an island in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. Currently, I live in a 40 acre farm in Cookville, TX. I sometime write about life issues, but my passion is sci-fi and fantasy storytelling.

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  1. LUKE!! First of all, I MISS YOU! I am praying for you guys and I hope everything is going GREAT! Second…God is dealing with this very thing with me! I am actually walking out a process to truly knowing my identity in Christ (not in what I do or how others think of me) and silencing the lies of the enemy telling me I am not enough. It is hard and excruciating work, but it is so worth it. I am learning and growing so much in the process.

    Love you guys tons! Thanks for sharing this. I certainly needed it.

    1. Thanks for the comment Chelsea! I miss you too. It’s going great where we are right now and we are so excited for the opportunity to be here.

      It is a lot of working silencing the lies in our lives but so worth it because of the freedom it brings. Keep it up!

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