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Not a Knight in Shining Armor


I have always loved knights. King Arthur and the Round Table, Camelot, dragons, chivalry, and epic battles. You can ask my family, I was obsessed.

As I take this month to prepare for Kingdom Journeys I keep thinking of a knight preparing for battle. Strapping on his armor and sharpening his blade to fight the enemies of the kingdom.

The knight is shining armor conjures up images of strength and preparedness. An unstoppable force of good in bright, perfectly clean attire.

I’ve always wanted to be seen this way. My armor gleaming in the sunlight, my blade sharpened to a keen edge, free from mud and grime, a stalwart soldier in the army of God. But I am not a knight in shining armor.

I’m still a soldier in the army of God, but I’ve seen much battle already. My armor is dented, dirty, rent, and torn. I’ve taken hits and been wounded on the field. Instead of perfect and shiny armor mine is a patchwork of scrap metal. Repairs from past wars are ugly scars across the heart. Fiery scorches have seared it black in many places. The helmet is dented and reinforced from blows to my head. More arrows than I can count have pierced it.

I may look a knight risen from the junkyard, but this doesn’t make me any less a faithful soldier.

God doesn’t use perfect people to his purposes. Gideon was a coward, Moses was a murderer, Rahab was a prostitute, and Noah was a drunk.

I’m not perfect. I have my baggage and my problems. But God has called me to do something and I’m going to do it. I known his reasoning for calling me, all I can do is be faithful and follow his will.

I do take solace in this thought though, a knight in shining armor is a man who has never had his mettle truly tested.

So while I am dented, scarred, burned, and wounded I am also a veteran of the battles that God has ahead for my team and I. I’ve traded in my shiny sword for something a little more suited for my battle style.

Like a battle axe.

True, my armor is a patchwork of random pieces of metal and looks rough. But it’s been built up in the areas I need it most.

My body may be a little battered from the fights I’ve lived through, but I’ve gained a lot of endurance and learned many of the tricks.

So I go off to battle, three other mighty men of God at my side. We will trek through deep forests and over hazardous mountain paths. Going to our brothers and sisters in other lands to show them God’s love. Surely we will face hardships, but God gives the hardest battles to his toughest soldiers.

Update: Once some pending donations go through I will have raised $3,350 for my trip. I still need a total of $9,000 by July 8th and the total of $12,000 by September 8th. Please help me reach my goals by coming alongside me in my journey and consider financially donating to me and/or being a prayer warrior for my team and I.

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