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Fairies and Goatmen

Joby is off on another adventure, but he still hasn’t found his target. So he needs to get a little help from a tiny friend. Enjoy!

Fairies and Goatmen

I sat at the edge of the lake with a box of dark chocolate, whistling and popping the occasional delicacy into my mouth. “The longer you take, the less chocolate there is.” I shouted over the lake, my mouth already full of chocolate. Fairies were faster than most when running errands, but a little encouragement is always a good thing.

A ball of radiant blue light streaked over the lake and settled squarely in front of me, taking the form of a tiny woman. Annabelle was a perfectly proportioned six inch tall fairy with strawberry blonde hair. She wore an old dress from a Barbie doll with small squares of plastic glued all over it, making something like scale armor for her. She also carried a long sewing needle tucked into a sash at her waist.

Annabelle jumped onto my knee and stomped her foot in outrage. “Now, see here you big oaf! You stop eating my chocolate this instant or I won’t tell you anything.” She crossed her arms and glared at me. I raise my hands in a placating gesture and set the box on the ground between my legs then give her a piece. She looked at it suspiciously, then snatched it from my fingers and devoured it in a flash of blue light and a whirlwind of foil wrapping.

I waited a bit for her to finish before asking, “So where can I find it?” Full of intoxicating chocolate, Annabelle flew up and settled languidly on my shoulder. “The Goat Man stalks his prey west of here” she replied, “On the other side of the lake, and through the woods a bit. Just off the stone trail that runs through there.”

Annabelle was reliable with her information, I knew it could be trusted. He must be stalking along the road that connects to the highway. If I could get there before nightfall I might be able to catch him before he kills again.

“Thanks Tink,” I said standing abruptly and dumping the fairy onto the ground. She flew quickly at my face, “Don’t call me that!” she screamed. “I hate that stupid nickname!” She crossed her arms and pouted with her back turned to me.

I reached out with my finger and rubbed her back. “Sorry Annabelle, I won’t do it again.” She looked at me over her shoulder, “Yes you will, but you will bring me more chocolate to soothe the insult.” I smiled, “Will do, Tink.” She rolled her eyes and turned quickly, hugging my finger tight. “Please be careful Joby. The horned thing is dangerous.” I was surprised, If she was worried, maybe I should be more concerned. Despite their size fairies aren’t afraid of much and Annabelle didn’t usually show much affection for anything other than chocolate and back rubs. “I’ll be careful, I promise.”

She flew back from me with a skeptical look, “I’ve seen you fight, you aren’t careful. You’re clumsy. You’d better be alive when the sun rises Joby.” she said, and then flew into the trees.

Shrugging my pack onto my shoulders I headed around the lake. Who else would go searching for monsters in the growing night?

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I grew living on an island in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. Currently, I live in a 40 acre farm in Cookville, TX. I sometime write about life issues, but my passion is sci-fi and fantasy storytelling.

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