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Alone With God in the Woods

Alone in the Woods

While hiking through the woods a few weeks ago we were presented with the challenge of spending a few days camping alone. No talking to each other and not knowing when it was going to end. I learned a lot about myself, my identity, and what God had in store for me over those few days of being alone with God in the woods.

We got to our campsites just as darkness began to fall. It was cold and pouring down rain. Everything I was wearing was soaking wet, my body was sore, and I had no idea where I was. I managed to get my tent set up and went to bed pretty angry with the situation I was in.

Why does the weather hate me?

Why does the weather hate me?

The next morning I woke up and started hanging up my clothes to dry. Withing a half hour everything I owned was covered in bees and I was furiously attempting to swat them away without getting stung. I failed in every possible way.

Only a slight exaggeration here.

Only a slight exaggeration here.

I hadn’t eaten a whole lot the last couple of days so I decided to make some lentil stew. After two hours of trying to start a fire with wet wood I grabbed a can of aerosol deodorant and made a flamethrower to cook my food.

When you want food fast and don't have a microwave.

When you want food fast and don’t have a microwave.

While I was in my tent looking for my spork a family of hikers came down the trail and their dog decided my campsite was a good place to look for food. I came out of my tent and found him nose deep in my lentil stew. I briefly thought about killing and eating the dog (I was very hungry) but decided that murdering a beloved family pet probably wasn’t a very Christian thing to do. I could almost hear the dog laughing at me.

Good thing I like dogs.

Good thing I like dogs.

After losing my stew I thought maybe this was God’s way of telling me to fast for the time I was alone. I wasn’t happy about it but I didn’t have a whole lot of food anyway, so no big deal.

Shortly after, I was walking around my tent when I stepped on a thorn which pierced my shoe and went deep into the meat of my foot. My body froze in pain and I collapsed on top of my tent and snapping my tent pole in half.



Completely furious, I sat down on a chair I made of stones fuming and being mad at God.

Why did stuff like this always happen to me?

Why did I always break or lose things?

Why was my life so hard?

I can't even right now.

I can’t even right now.

Then I got this picture in my head. I saw a cowboy training a Mustang horse. I knew the Mustang was well known for being aggressive, arrogant, strong-willed, and stubborn. Then I asked God;

“Ok God, what does that mean?”

“I am the cowboy, you’re the horse.” he replied.

Mind Blown

He was absolutely right.

I am all of those things.

I never want to listen.

It has to always be my way.

God broke me in the woods in a way I never expected. He showed me that the one thing that was keeping me away from being closer to him was myself. I love making plans, working efficiently, and making my life as easy as possible. But the plans of men cannot hold a candle to the plans of God. He sees a much bigger picture than we ever will. Even when things don’t make any sense to us, they make sense to him.

I spent the rest of my alone time in the woods with a sense of peace. I didn’t eat for the four days I was there, but hunger didn’t really bother me, eventually the bees left me alone, I had the opportunity to read the entire Bible in two days, and I really got to take some time and just be in the presence of the Father. He showed me how to be closer to him and I listened.

I still struggle with being stubborn and willful, but he is a good Father and he is patient and merciful with me. I know this is a lesson I will have to learn many times, but I am glad to have the opportunity to learn it.

Good Father

What is keeping you from intimacy with God? Do you have faith in his plan even when it doesn’t make any sense? How can we all walk in faith better? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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