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5 Things to Remember When Turning Dreams Into Actions

5 Things We Need to Remember When Turning Dreams Into Actions

Dreams are awesome. Having personal dreams of self improvement or chasing your passions are admirable. Dreams of promoting growth in your community or country can facilitate change that affects hundreds or even thousands of lives. For every person in the world there are dreams, and unfortunately many of those dreams aren’t being realized or even pursued. We need to spend less time wistfully talking about what we want to do. Here are 5 things to remember when turning dreams into actions.

Making Goals


The first problem with many dreams is the goals that we set for ourselves tend to be intangible or unrealistic. Stop sabotaging yourself and set realistic and attainable goals for the things you want to accomplish. For example:

Instead of saying you want to “lose weight” make your goal to lose 20 lbs in the next two months.

Don’t say you want to “be a writer”. Instead make a goal of writing at least 500 words per day.

Rather than saying you want to “eat healthier” make a commitment to eat nothing but fruits and veggies for one meal per day.

When we give ourselves smaller, tangible, and realistic goals we are far more likely to make permanent changes in our lives. In addition to that many smaller victories give us that sense of accomplishment that helps spur us towards our ultimate goal.

Get Into A Habit


Whatever your goal may be make it into an everyday habit. It takes about 30 days to make a good habit or break a bad one. Make things easier on yourself by pursuing your goals regularly.




These are your dreams, your passions, your desires. Go after them every day and soon you’ll form a habit of pursuing them and it will just become part of your everyday life as opposed to a task that you have to force yourself to do.

Your Actions Show Your Passions


I was watching a video online the other day and there was a man talking about his daily workout routine, his weekly fitness goals, his monthly plans, and so on and so forth. I thought to myself “That guy’s actions truly show his passion.”

So what do your actions show?

There are some days my actions show that I am really passionate about growing as a writer, getting better at martial arts, and studying theological and philosophical thought.

Then there are other days my actions show that I am really passionate about watching cartoons on Netflix, eating junk food, and trying to reach things from the couch with a broomstick.

The things you do and how much time you spend doing them should tell yourself and others what your passions truly are. If you tell me you want to be a better writer you better be writing on a regular basis. You want to eat healthier and get into shape? Then put down the Cheetos and the remote control and go do it.

No Excuses


The phrase “I can’t” should be erased from your vocabulary. It’s not that “you can’t”, you just won’t. I talked about this a lot in a previous blog (Stop Making Excuses and Do Something).

When you make excuses you are giving yourself reasons not to bother trying.

Don’t do it!

You are perfectly capable of accomplishing your goals but the first step is to try. Without trying there will never be any success. So if your wallowing around in self pity because your never seem to be achieving your goals, but I don’t see you trying at all, then shut up.

It’s your own fault for giving up before you even got started. Get out there and do something.

Failing Forward


At some point in time while your pursuing your goals you will fail. It happens and its OK. Instead of letting failure depress you and shut you down use it to motivate you. You didn’t fail 1000 times, you just found 1000 ways that you shouldn’t pursue your dreams.

So go out there and do something. Build something, create, succeed, but most of all pursue it with passion. Become a force that people can’t help but see and want to emulate. When you pursue your passions it makes other people want to do the same.

Tell me what your passions are. Leave a comment below and tell me what you are going to do today to pursue them.

“There is no more contemptible type of human character than that of the nerveless sentimentalist and dreamer who spends his life in a weltering sea of sensibility and emotion, but who never does a manly concrete deed”

-William James

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I grew living on an island in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. Currently, I live in a 40 acre farm in Cookville, TX. I sometime write about life issues, but my passion is sci-fi and fantasy storytelling.

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  1. Buki

    Love this! I have loads of dreams I want to materialize but I was just saying today that I needed a little more bravery (and I needed to makr more realistic attempts to slowly fulfilling my dreams). Thanks for sharing :) I love this.

    1. Thanks for your support! Just like in the movie “We Bought a Zoo”, it just takes 20 seconds of insane courage to change our lives. Pursue your dreams, make realistic goals, and chase your joy. You’re the only one that can do it, so do it!

  2. Isa G.

    I love how straightforward you are in your writing! I also am learning new things about you…martial arts and theological thought? Heck ya! Keep writing Luke, you are inspiring at least one beautiful soul :)

    1. Thanks Isa! I really appreciate your support. Yes, I love many different things. You should’ve seen the kinds of books in my library back when I had one.

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