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3 Things I’ve Learned From Running

3 Things I've Learned From Running

Running is the best.

Actually, that’s a lie. Running can really suck.

Well, both of those things are true depending on the time of day and how cold it is outside. But what I do know about running is that I’ve learned a lot about myself from doing it. So from my keyboard to your eyes, here are 3 things I’ve learned from running.


1. You Have to Go Outside Your Comfort Zone

If you run everyday at the same speed, elevation, and distance you’re going to get really good at running at that speed, elevation, and distance.

There’s nothing at all wrong with that, as long as you want to stagnate. In running, as in life, you have to push yourself to get better. You have to go faster, run harder, tackle more difficult terrain, or you won’t become a better runner. In life you have to face challenges without backing down, practice your craft, and put the work in or you won’t progress as a person. It’s not always easy, but you won’t know the benefits unless you try.


2. Pick The Gravel Out and Keep Going

Sometimes when you’re running you take a bad fall and get a knee full of gravel embedded in your flesh. You crumple to the ground, blood running down your leg. The pain is excruciating and you can barely think straight.

That’s tough, now pick the gravel out and keep going.

You’re going to run into tough things in your life. They may be painful and stop you in your tracks for awhile but you can’t give up. Life is tough and we need to get that through our heads. But we can keep going through the tough things and come out on the other side. I need to remember this as much as anyone.

I know what it looks like to quit, I want to know what it looks like to get up and keep going.


3. Conditions Are Rarely Perfect

Many times I’ve woken up early in the morning and opened the door to a blistering cold and wet day. I think to myself, “Oh, it’s not a good day to go running. I’ll just wait.”

Day after day will pass by, all cold and raining, and I still don’t go running.

But you know what? Sometimes the conditions just aren’t great to go out, but I should still do it. I hear people all the time talk about how they want to do this or that with their lives but now isn’t the right time. Their lives aren’t in order or they just need  to wait a while longer before they’re ready. Well, the conditions are rarely perfect to do the things we want in life. We just need to strap on a poncho and head out into the storm.

You wait too long and you may end up never going out at all.


Run for Your Lives

We need to go out and pursue the things we want in life. To do this we have to break out of our comfort zones, brush the gravel off when we fall down, and go out into the rain. How willing are you to run for your lives?

In what ways are you going to run after the things you want in your lives? Leave a comment below and strap on your running shoes, it’s going to be a marathon.

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