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Rebirth of a Legend

Rebirth of a Legend

A scene study combining fantasy and science fiction elements. I seem to have a tendency to write very short scenes of stories instead of full versions. Something I’m going to have to work on. Have a great day! “We have to find her!” The general alarm was screaming in the labs. The klaxons reverberated off […]

The Battle Nobody Knows About

The Battles Nobody Know About

Another Joby Walker story. This one takes place shortly after his adventure in Lousiana, and has significantly less action than his stories usually do. I stumbled upon the quote and picture somewhere on the the Internet and it inspired me to write a little about Joby’s backstory and life outside blowing up monsters in the […]

The Duelists – Graduation

The Duelists - Graduation

A much longer story idea that I’ve been playing with. A world where dueling is not only an accepted profession, but a celebrated and prestigious position to have. Meet The Duelists and have a great Sunday! Sweat shone on Johnny’s pale skin; his shoulders glistening with their beads. They rolled down his back and chest; […]

Burnit Bonesmasher

Burnit Bonesmasher

Whoops! Problems uploading and posting. Hope you enjoy it! Burnit watched the dwarves rampage through the tunnels of the goblin hive. There were a dozen heavily armed dwarf scouts setting fire to the simple homes of the goblin tribe that had adopted him. It was his fault they were there. They had seen him gathering […]

Rebellion In Midguard

Rebellion in Midguard

Yet another picture inspired story. This time instead of fantasy I wrote about a war in the future. Who loves sci-fi? Ryder peered through his binoculars at the mech below him. It was a standard issue Civilian Unrest Mech, standing at two stories tall with light armor plating. It should be arm with two shoulder […]

French Fried Fun (Short Story)

French Fried Fun

Wow! It’s been awhile since I last posted. I’m looking forward to posting more regularly, and I hope you are too. Sometimes I get stuck trying to think of an idea for a story. So I hit the internet and look for pictures to give me ideas. The picture below inspired the following story. Hope […]