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The Courage of Samwise Gamgee

The Courage Samwise Gamgee

I’m preparing to leave the country for six months soon. My team and I are going to be backpacking through China, Tibet, and India to minister to the unreached people groups there. As I prepare for this journey I am reminded of the Lord of the Rings, mostly the courage of Samwise Gamgee.   I […]

3 Things I’ve Learned From Running

3 Things I've Learned From Running

Running is the best. Actually, that’s a lie. Running can really suck. Well, both of those things are true depending on the time of day and how cold it is outside. But what I do know about running is that I’ve learned a lot about myself from doing it. So from my keyboard to your […]

5 Ways to Level Up Your Life

5 Ways to Level Up Your Life

I am a huge video game nerd. I have a subscription to Game Informer magazine, played every video game system, and deeply invest in the stories of the games. Yes, I am a nerd. Leveling up is a big part of winning a video game. Your character gets stronger, faster, and more easily overcomes the […]